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Feu Follet at Mougins by Denis Pannett

Denis Pannett

I first fell in love with Denis’ work over twenty years ago when he lived a mile down the road at nearby Chesham and had just started to paint in his spare time, initially exhibiting his work both locally and in London. In those days he worked for De Beers in the City but his painting ‘hobby’ became so successful that he was soon able to become a full-time professional; in 1982 he took the plunge and started working for himself. What a risk he took but his brilliant talent has ensured that the fateful decision, made five years ago, proved to be a wise one. Like all of us who become self-employed he has had loyal support from his wife, Valerie - an essential prerequisite.

The Pannett family is an artistic one: both Valerie and Belinda the couple’s daughters, are skilful painters; Juliet, Denis’ mother, is famous for her portrait paintings; Phoebe, Juliet’s sister, is well known in the Sussex area for her watercolours and collages; and Elizabeth, Denis’ sister, exhibits her modern art creations in the London area.

For details of his exhibitions and work Dennis has a web site:
or by e-mail at