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How To Start A Kiosk Business

Starting a kiosk business is not as difficult as some may think. If the thought of competing with giant retailers is a bit intimidating, then remember that many of these businesses have been brought down in recent times due to excessive size. In fact, many large companies like Kodak are entering into franchises with kiosks,… Read More »

Five startups disrupting healthcare market in the US and Europe

There are several startups that are disrupting the healthcare market in the US They might or might not be generating big revenue already, but this is list is more about startup companies that could become game-changers in the healthcare industry.   Collective Health There’s been big growth in workers becoming self-insured. In fact, over 60%… Read More »

How to Start a Gym

The cost associated with starting a fitness center or gym will depend on size, location, equipment, number of employees and other normal start-up business cost. If it is a franchise operation there could be fee to the franchise people The other way to do it is to buy an existing business with its built in… Read More »