Civic-minded people will never stop! How to make eco-friendly electric bikes

By | May 25, 2018


The eco-friendly technologies come into our life with a great variety of things. Electric bikes are not an exception. When their production has been put on the big figure, people talked about the possible dangers caused to the ecology and nature, particularly.


It is well-known that materials used in the accumulator battery are quite dangerous for the nature. The ecologists outline a range of especially toxic heavy metals. It happens because people do not have eco-friendly awareness and a bit indifferent towards the norms and the regulations of the right exploitation as well as utilization. As we have already found out in the survey, many people do not give away the old and useless accumulator batteries on the enterprises that deal with the recycling of the hazardous wastes. Those who do not worry about the ecologic conditions, even sometimes throw accumulators in the forests like rubbish what is really dangerous for the state of nature. They had better bother about selling of electric bike. By the way, in France such sales are rather well-known under the name of vente de velo electrique.


During the conference on the climate change in Copenhagen in 2009 the representatives of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) represented the so-called Copenhagen wheel. It was a bicycle wheel with the integrated electric motor, accumulator, and controller what allowed to transform the usual bicycle into electric one with the replacement of the backward wheel. Such a wheel will help to work the pedals while generator regime saves energy in the accumulator to slow down. To handle the wheel, the phone is used. The latest is switched to the wheel via Bluetooth. What makes this model especially cool for all the drivers is the gadgets that collect information about the ecology conditions of the local place.



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