Five startups disrupting healthcare market in the US and Europe

By | December 7, 2016

There are several startups that are disrupting the healthcare market in the US They might or might not be generating big revenue already, but this is list is more about startup companies that could become game-changers in the healthcare industry.


  1. Collective Health

There’s been big growth in workers becoming self-insured. In fact, over 60% of workers were in such plans as of 2014. Collective Health is a healthcare startup that received big funding from global entrepreneurs. Data science used at Google, Facebook, etc. can cut costs in healthcare purchasing.

“They’ve discovered that over 50% of what health plans do could be performed better using algorithms that are well-designed” says Florence at Audioprothésiste Le Raincy


  1. Surgery Center of Oklahoma

This was the first US organization that provides 100% transparent/bundled prices for its patients’ surgeries. This resulted in direct contracts made with employers. The companies paid 50% less than for standard PPO’s so-called network “discounts.” That’s done by removing insurance bureaucracy that adds no value to the healthcare provided.


It also resulted in Transparent Medical Networks from various companies including Zero Card and Bridge Health. They are becoming popular throughout the US. There are some surgical hospitals that now earn more than 70% of their revenue outside the standard claims processing system.That has resulted in the ability to spend much less on healthcare benefits compared to other companies. It’s resulted in several transparent providers instead of pricing failure.


In Oklahoma, the process has expanded past surgeries. It includes non-emergency services including prescriptions and chronic disease management. Within time other OK groups will join the transparency networks.


  1. Iora Health

Iora has created a primary care model that functions well in just about any setting. This was after Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle was effective in dealing with the “Hot Spotters” that consume most US healthcare spending.


The system serves all sorts of workers including hospital and university workers, carpenters, and others. It even provides quality healthcare for undocumented workers who pay $1 daily for excellent primary care. The model has been scaled nationally.


The fonder is part of a broader movement who are concerned about making wholesale changes to the healthcare system. It’s the approach they take instead complaining about the poor performance of the current system.


  1. MassMutual

There’s an increased recognition that companies are investing more money in employee benefits in order to provide a better retirement. However, it’s not getting to workers. MassMutual is a provider of corporate retirement benefits ( )


The company is teaming up with Maxwell Health to exchange benefits. The company realizes that wasting resources in healthcare negatively affects retirement accounts.


  1. Rosen Hotels

An important fact is that 50% of healthcare spending adds no value. Rosen spends half less than other companies per capita on healthcare for its workers. The results are great health care plans and education funding for their workers and the local community.


What makes this feat even greater is that 40% of the priciest hotels in the US are located in Florida.


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