How to overcome language barriers when fundraising

By | December 1, 2016

Are you looking for ways to boost your fundraising? Florence Harang, who teach french courses in Paris, tells us more about language barrier. There are various challenges you might have to deal with including language barriers. The good news is that you can take various steps to solve those issues including the following ones:


  1. Tell a story

This could involve text, photos, video, etc. Stories are universal, and people who speak different languages will likely be able to relate to them even if there are language barriers. There will be some cultural differences when fundraising in a different language. However, the stories can be appreciated by people who speak any language because it’s about the story itself.


  1. Hire an expert

One of the common problems when non-professionals do translation work is that there are some awkward or wrong translations. It can create an embarrassing situation at best. In other times the translation could be offensive if the wording has a certain meaning in the new language.


When you’re trying to raise funds, it goes without saying that you’ll want to avoid making goof-ups in the target market’s language. It could create question marks about whether or not they should chip in for the cause.


  1. Get the sponsors involved

The sponsored will likely be willing and able to help in building your fundraising campaign since they’re funding it. As a word of caution you should still have the final say in what’s included in the campaign, but they should have the ability to give their two cent’s worth.


The sponsor might also be able to provide help with the fundraising campaign’s language issues such as translation. There might be some caveats in the translation that you missed if you’re not a fluent speaker of the local language.


  1. Check the translation

This is a basic yet effective way to create effective fundraising content in a foreign language. Simply checking and double-checking the translation will help to make sure you’re using an accurate translation.


  1. Make it creative/local

If you’re creating a fundraising campaign in a foreign language, it’s important to create some connection through the local/national culture. It could include an ad or event that includes local cuisine, music, dance, etc.


This will help to make people more prone to contribute to your fundraising campaign. On the other hand, if you don’t include such elements in your fundraising it will be less effective even if you translate the text into the local language.


  1. Use translation tools

You can find various online tools including Google that translate the text. All you have to do is copy and paste the text; then the online tool translates the text automatically. This is a great option if you want content about your fundraising to quickly and effectively translated into another language.


As a word of caution, it’s important to review the translation before posting it online. The reason is that the translation isn’t an exact science and sometimes there will be some wrong/awkward translations that you’ll have to tweak.


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