Civic-minded people will never stop! How to make eco-friendly electric bikes


The eco-friendly technologies come into our life with a great variety of things. Electric bikes are not an exception. When their production has been put on the big figure, people talked about the possible dangers caused to the ecology and nature, particularly.


It is well-known that materials used in the accumulator battery are quite dangerous for the nature. The ecologists outline a range of especially toxic heavy metals. It happens because people do not have eco-friendly awareness and a bit indifferent towards the norms and the regulations of the right exploitation as well as utilization. As we have already found out in the survey, many people do not give away the old and useless accumulator batteries on the enterprises that deal with the recycling of the hazardous wastes. Those who do not worry about the ecologic conditions, even sometimes throw accumulators in the forests like rubbish what is really dangerous for the state of nature. They had better bother about selling of electric bike. By the way, in France such sales are rather well-known under the name of vente de velo electrique.


During the conference on the climate change in Copenhagen in 2009 the representatives of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) represented the so-called Copenhagen wheel. It was a bicycle wheel with the integrated electric motor, accumulator, and controller what allowed to transform the usual bicycle into electric one with the replacement of the backward wheel. Such a wheel will help to work the pedals while generator regime saves energy in the accumulator to slow down. To handle the wheel, the phone is used. The latest is switched to the wheel via Bluetooth. What makes this model especially cool for all the drivers is the gadgets that collect information about the ecology conditions of the local place.



Computer Freezes On Startup – Auto-fix Solution!


It comes from nowhere, without any reason you find yourself with a computer that freezes on startup and from that point your Pc stops functioning properly. You spend hours on the Web while trying all kinds of techniques that’ll help you to repair this irritating problem. Follow the next article and you’ll discover the fastest solution that’ll enable you to solve this problem and even significantly improve your windows performance.

Right before you spend hours on the World wide web while…

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How to monitor competitor’s prices on a daily basis How To Track Your Competitor Prices Automatically


How to Monitor Competitor’s Prices on a Daily Basis

Monitoring your competitor’s prices in daily basis is important. If you expect to improve your business, you need to know the strategy of your competitors. Thus, you will be able to come up with better plan to boost your rank among competitors.

Surpass your competitors, use the best price tracking software, it is a price monitoring solution for all brands and e-commerce distributors.

Here are some example of price monitoring software.

Tracking your competitor’s price on a daily basis is considered a need nowadays as people can get access to internet easily anywhere and anytime. Thus, in a real time’, they will try to find the best price offered to them. In order to make them turn their eyes on you, you need to check the price of your competitors to beat them and get more customers.

By doing the tracking of the price, you will be able to get the price dynamics and come up with better strategy of pricing. Dealing with automated pricing can also be done when you do the tracking. Moreover, you can come up with proactive pricing to get more customers.

So, how to monitor competitor’s prices on a daily basis?

Doing it yourself will make it time consuming. You can use the service of other company to do it for you. There are many companies that can do the tracking for your competitor’s price. They can check every single website and report the price on the daily basis. You can get notifications through you email or other apps. It will be easier to have the notification on your mobile app so you can track it anywhere when you bring your mobile phone.

Some companies offer their service for free for trial. But you can get the best service by paying. No need to take much from your budget and you can get what you need easily. With the tight competition in business, especially e-commerce, coming up with a great strategy is a must. Thus, tracking your competitor’s price on a daily basis takes important role for setting a new great strategy.

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PriceManager – Helping You Keep Up with the Competition

How To Track Your Competitor Prices Automatically

Top five best English speaking accounting firms worldwide

Top five best English speaking accounting firms worldwide

The best English speaking accounting firms worldwide are known for their well-paid employees, long working hours and ruthless competition especially between graduates with consistency most of the time. However, there is much more to these outstanding accounting firms than most people know and we might need to know these things further. We have explored stories of their unique characteristics that make them different and unheard history and i hope this will give you a wide range of what to chose to match your needs perfectly.

1. Deloitte

Deloitte was founded in 1845 when William Deloitte opened an accounting office in Basing hall Street, London. Deloitte became the first independent auditor to be appointed by a public company known as the great Western Railway. Deloitte merged with Touché Ross in 1989 to form Deloitte &Touché. Deloitte employs more than 210,000 professionals worldwide and its U.S operations have more than 100 offices with more than 70,000 employees who work in four main business areas: tax, audit, consulting and advisory.

Deloitte strives to pick the best employees regardless of ethnicity or gender. Deloitte has $35.2 billion in revenues.

2. PWC

PWC is definitely one of the most influential accounting firms globally. A London Accountant known as Samuel Lowell Price who was joined by two more London accountants founded the company. PWC had revenues of $35.4 billion indicating a growth of about 10%.

The company’s strongest growth for 8 years is a result of the investment it has made in recruiting the best employees hence enhancing the quality of its services. The chairperson of PwC international Dennis Nally says that the company has also built new product offerings including data analytics.

3. EY

Arthur Young and his brother Stanley founded EY in the late 1800s. The company merged with Ernst & Ernst in 1989 to form Ernst &Young in the United States.

Ernst & Young currently operates in more than 1500 countries, which are grouped into the four business regions in the world, The Americas; Middle East, Africa and India (EMEIA; Japan and Asia Pacific. EY reported revenues of $28.7 billion in the last fiscal year. EY has a remarkable history and over time, they have forged a reputation based on integrity, quality and trust.


KPMG was founded 1987 and its one of the fastest growing companies on the big $ for the last two years. The company reported revenues of $24.4 billion and in 2016; the company raised 20 places to rank number 43 on fortune’s 100 best companies.

KPMG strives to provide people with viable opportunities to build diverse and rich careers as part of their global strategy. In today’s complex world, this means not only employing the best people, but also offering them an opportunity to build great careers.

5. BDO

BDO was founded in 1968 and it has member firms in more than 151 countries. The company employs more than 60,000 staff and partners in 1,328 accounting offices around the world. BDO is the fifth largest global accounting network and its roots go back to 1910 when Maximilian Seidman opened an office in Park Row, New York.

The company’s relationship with its employees and clients is built on a strong foundation of uncompromising quality and trust.

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Marijuana Startups: The Legal Challenges

Marijuana is considered in many countries as an illegal drug to possess or even sell. But thanks to science and medicine, the number of countries that are starting to legalize its possession and selling them has increased. While selling marijuana these days does look like a lucrative business, the legal challenges that you have to face may tire you out and eventually make you lose hope in opening up one. When you want to open a marijuana dispensary, you must be ready to face many obstacles on a law perspective ( checkout Vesoul divorce Avocat for more legal aspects )


Opportunities Abound

Indeed, it is understandable that opening up your own marijuana business is a steep battle, but the opportunities present in it are increasing every year. In fact, it is worth $30 billion. This is an approximate record of marijuana being spend by users every year. And this record is in the US only. Experts see the marijuana business as a staggering market and the number of entrepreneurs joining in the legal business of selling marijuana are hoping to cash on it, too.


With all the word out there that it is indeed a good thing for marijuana to be made available to the public, public opinion has its own limits. For entrepreneurs tackling into the “pot” industry, the path is proven to be paved with obstacles. Aside from the usual problems that all startup businesses face, they also need to deal with several roadblocks in advertising, discrimination on renting a space to do the business and the arduous regulations in banking. Don’t forget the federal law that outlaws the selling and possession of the product itself.


What about the law?


This is one big hurdle, even several states are now changing its laws regarding medical marijuana. There are certain points in the law that if you breach it, you will be facing a lawsuit. When you sell mass-sold or used marijuana to the public, you are violating federal law, even if it is on the medicinal level. This is stated according to the Creative Edge Nutrition’s CEO Bill Chabaan. There is still that long arm within the system of the federal justice. Any given time, you could be put to jail. See more at


This means that small business owners planning to open up marijuana dispensaries should keep it in mind of the hurdles they have to face. There are a lot of hoops they have to jump through the local and state level. Even in Colorado and Washington, cities, counties and towns possess the authority to place a moratorium when selling cannabis. Every business that are going in this industry must comply with all state and local regulations and ensure that they have all the licenses to sell and grow marijuana. This means that you need to understand what you need to do and what the industry is all about. This is not to be taken for granted. But if you do the opposite, you will certainly lose it. You will even be wondering how you got yourself behind bars when you were just opening your marijuana dispensary a few weeks ago.

How To Start A Kiosk Business

Starting a kiosk business is not as difficult as some may think. If the thought of competing with giant retailers is a bit intimidating, then remember that many of these businesses have been brought down in recent times due to excessive size. In fact, many large companies like Kodak are entering into franchises with kiosks, and the result is that the services of these companies are reaching many different areas.

Types of Kiosk Businesses
There are two kinds of kiosk businesses. In the first…

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Five startups disrupting healthcare market in the US and Europe

There are several startups that are disrupting the healthcare market in the US They might or might not be generating big revenue already, but this is list is more about startup companies that could become game-changers in the healthcare industry.


  1. Collective Health

There’s been big growth in workers becoming self-insured. In fact, over 60% of workers were in such plans as of 2014. Collective Health is a healthcare startup that received big funding from global entrepreneurs. Data science used at Google, Facebook, etc. can cut costs in healthcare purchasing.

“They’ve discovered that over 50% of what health plans do could be performed better using algorithms that are well-designed” says Florence at Audioprothésiste Le Raincy


  1. Surgery Center of Oklahoma

This was the first US organization that provides 100% transparent/bundled prices for its patients’ surgeries. This resulted in direct contracts made with employers. The companies paid 50% less than for standard PPO’s so-called network “discounts.” That’s done by removing insurance bureaucracy that adds no value to the healthcare provided.


It also resulted in Transparent Medical Networks from various companies including Zero Card and Bridge Health. They are becoming popular throughout the US. There are some surgical hospitals that now earn more than 70% of their revenue outside the standard claims processing system.That has resulted in the ability to spend much less on healthcare benefits compared to other companies. It’s resulted in several transparent providers instead of pricing failure.


In Oklahoma, the process has expanded past surgeries. It includes non-emergency services including prescriptions and chronic disease management. Within time other OK groups will join the transparency networks.


  1. Iora Health

Iora has created a primary care model that functions well in just about any setting. This was after Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle was effective in dealing with the “Hot Spotters” that consume most US healthcare spending.


The system serves all sorts of workers including hospital and university workers, carpenters, and others. It even provides quality healthcare for undocumented workers who pay $1 daily for excellent primary care. The model has been scaled nationally.


The fonder is part of a broader movement who are concerned about making wholesale changes to the healthcare system. It’s the approach they take instead complaining about the poor performance of the current system.


  1. MassMutual

There’s an increased recognition that companies are investing more money in employee benefits in order to provide a better retirement. However, it’s not getting to workers. MassMutual is a provider of corporate retirement benefits ( )


The company is teaming up with Maxwell Health to exchange benefits. The company realizes that wasting resources in healthcare negatively affects retirement accounts.


  1. Rosen Hotels

An important fact is that 50% of healthcare spending adds no value. Rosen spends half less than other companies per capita on healthcare for its workers. The results are great health care plans and education funding for their workers and the local community.


What makes this feat even greater is that 40% of the priciest hotels in the US are located in Florida.


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How to overcome language barriers when fundraising

Are you looking for ways to boost your fundraising? Florence Harang, who teach french courses in Paris, tells us more about language barrier. There are various challenges you might have to deal with including language barriers. The good news is that you can take various steps to solve those issues including the following ones:


  1. Tell a story

This could involve text, photos, video, etc. Stories are universal, and people who speak different languages will likely be able to relate to them even if there are language barriers. There will be some cultural differences when fundraising in a different language. However, the stories can be appreciated by people who speak any language because it’s about the story itself.


  1. Hire an expert

One of the common problems when non-professionals do translation work is that there are some awkward or wrong translations. It can create an embarrassing situation at best. In other times the translation could be offensive if the wording has a certain meaning in the new language.


When you’re trying to raise funds, it goes without saying that you’ll want to avoid making goof-ups in the target market’s language. It could create question marks about whether or not they should chip in for the cause.


  1. Get the sponsors involved

The sponsored will likely be willing and able to help in building your fundraising campaign since they’re funding it. As a word of caution you should still have the final say in what’s included in the campaign, but they should have the ability to give their two cent’s worth.


The sponsor might also be able to provide help with the fundraising campaign’s language issues such as translation. There might be some caveats in the translation that you missed if you’re not a fluent speaker of the local language.


  1. Check the translation

This is a basic yet effective way to create effective fundraising content in a foreign language. Simply checking and double-checking the translation will help to make sure you’re using an accurate translation.


  1. Make it creative/local

If you’re creating a fundraising campaign in a foreign language, it’s important to create some connection through the local/national culture. It could include an ad or event that includes local cuisine, music, dance, etc.


This will help to make people more prone to contribute to your fundraising campaign. On the other hand, if you don’t include such elements in your fundraising it will be less effective even if you translate the text into the local language.


  1. Use translation tools

You can find various online tools including Google that translate the text. All you have to do is copy and paste the text; then the online tool translates the text automatically. This is a great option if you want content about your fundraising to quickly and effectively translated into another language.


As a word of caution, it’s important to review the translation before posting it online. The reason is that the translation isn’t an exact science and sometimes there will be some wrong/awkward translations that you’ll have to tweak.


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How to Start a Gym

The cost associated with starting a fitness center or gym will depend on size, location, equipment, number of employees and other normal start-up business cost. If it is a franchise operation there could be fee to the franchise people

The other way to do it is to buy an existing business with its built in clientele. If it is a membership fitness center, the clients are locked in for the period of their contract. Any membership considerations should be fully disclosed and made part of any…

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